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简介关于克服困难的英语作文_关于克服困难的英语作文80字       大家好,今天我想和大家讲解一下“关于克服困难的英语作文”的工作原理。为了让大家更好地理解这个问题,我将相关资料进行了分类,现在就让





3.如何克服英语学习中的困难 英语作文

4.英语作文:我如何克服学习英语时遇到的困难How I





       My math today?and?me have such a problem: sister walked 100 meters per minute, sister walked 80 meters per minute. Two people back at the same time with the line for 5 minutes, sister sister turned about to pursue and catch up with my sister, sister a total of how many meters?

       Method I left think again, let me call back later, I want to again, right way let me call back later again. I left no stone unturned, racking their brains, think along while also didn't think out the solution to this problem. Ten minutes passed, and 20 Zhong Guo thirty-five minutes, 30 minutes passed, the past...?

       I don't want to come out a clue. I thought of a good idea, the Internet. I sit to the front of the computer, switch on, press the refresh button, check online, check in, turned out to be in so doing, no wonder I can't think, this to the problem is really ah. Originally, overcome the difficulties so simple ah, only by constantly to overcome difficulties, you can succeed, even a little bit of success. As long as we face the difficulties, don't give up, not back, always can solve difficult.

       In everyone's life, the path of the may not always smooth, each person will encounter difficulties and setbacks. When you face difficulty and setback, you don't fear, never retreat, must be brave to face them, to find a way to overcome, and overcome, so that you beat yourself.







       How to overcome my difficulties in learn-我在学习中是如何克服困难的 When it comes to difficulties of English study, Different people have diverse opinion, such as hard of hearing, less word, confusion of grammar, even poor writing skills etc. As for me, beside what have mentioned above, I have no enough time and energy to learning, which due to a fulltime work and a lot of housework. How to solute these problem? I think strong will is a key to success. Thus, some measures must be taken as following are. To begin with, I make good use of all available time. I usually study my English until 11 o’clock at night. Then, I make a record on new words with MP3 so that I can review new words on the way both from home to unit and from unit to home. Furthermore, the most important way is, I always make good notes in the class, and review carefully again and again after the class. Finally, I make some simulated composition through the way that translate English composition into Chinese then translate it into English and imitate it time and again. It just as proverb goes “slow and steady wins the race”. Eventually, I have a great progress in my learning English. Certainly, the progress is limited. So I still eager to attain some available advice from teacher and classmates

如何克服英语学习中的困难 英语作文

       It is well-known that we exist in a dynamic

       world with various difficulties. When we are

       faced with them, nothing is more important than

       hope and self-confidence. With confidence, we

       can find sometimes the question is not as huge

       as we imagine。

       Take most of us for example, the entrance

       exam to college seems to be a horrible monster.

       Accordingly, some people give up, some persist.

       In my eyes, with confidence, right assessment of

       the difficulties, as well as full preparation,

       try and exert your strength, and then we will

       overcome all problems and challenges。

       On the whole, I believe we youngsters

       should face the difficulties in right manner.

       And nothing is impossible, brave it out and just

       do it!

英语作文:我如何克服学习英语时遇到的困难How I

       The problems I have in My English study

        I have many problems in my English study, to name just a few, they can be listed as following:

        First, my vocabulary is rather small. As a result, I can neither read fast nor understand well, and it's really not easy for me to keep new words in mind; Second, I cannot write well. As I have always been engaged in sth having nothing to do with English, I seldom have any chance to write in English; third, my listening comprehension is not good enough, because I had little training at college.

        To overcome these difficulties, I have worked out a plan. Namely, read one or two pages of English everyday, keep a diary in English & practice writing twice a week & listen to English tapes every two or three days. I believe that so long as I practice, I'll be able to read, write & understand better.


       As we all know that the English teaching just rises in the past several decades,still remaining on the primary stage,therefore,learners always face some problems,such as feeling difficult in remembering the words and making the grammar clear and so on.But how to find the solution to these difficulties?My opinions are as follows. When we have the feeling that some words can not be remembered easily by us,we should stop remembering them by rote,instead,we should make their meaning clear based on the intelligent memory.Besides,when we are confused with the grammar,never be impatient,just repeat reading and understanding it,if it doesn't work,go to the teachers for help.In addition,many students feel their spoken English is so poor that they dare not to speark out,this is quite wrong,for only by bravely practising speaking English can you learn the real and useful one. I believe that more difficulties exist on the way of learning English,however,as long as we make our efforts and try our best to think out the solutions,English is pretty easy to grasp. 我们都知道,英语是在近几十年兴起的,还处于初级阶段,所以,英语学习者经常遇到困难,比如说单词难记,语法难懂等等。但是怎样解决这些困难呢?以下是我的观点。当我们感觉一些单词难于记忆,我们应该停止死记硬背,取而代之的是建立在理解记忆基础上地弄清他们的意思。还有,当我们对语法感觉到困惑,千万不要失去耐心,反复地理解他,是在不行,就请教老师。另外,许多学生感觉他们的英语口语十分蹩脚,从而不敢说英语,这是严重错误的,因为只有勇敢地练习说英语才能学到最真实有用的英语。我相信还有更多困难摆在学习英语的道路上,但是,只要我们努力而尽力地找到解决办法,英语是十分容易的。自己写滴,不知道字数够不够。


        People tell us that we should to be a brave girl, so that we can get over the difficulties. But to be a brave girl is not easy for me, I always tell myself I must face the difficulty, but I give up in the last minute. So from today, I must learn to be a brave girl, I am not saying to be brave right now, I should take it step by step. First, I must tell myself not to fear the difficulty. When I meet the trouble, I should learn to solve it by myself instead of depending on others, so I will learn something gradually. Then I should open my mind, trying to know more things.