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简介英语作文投诉信范文初三       谢谢大家给我提供关于英语作文投诉信范文初三的问题集合。我将从不同的角度回答每个问题,并提供一些相关资源和参考资料,以便大家进一步学习和了解。1.Ӣ??????Ͷ???ŷ







5.急求英语作文 投诉信




       Dear Sir,

       I am writing to you for the mobile phone of Dephone-S250 I bought on 20th Apr. 2008 at Tele Mall in Wuhan province China. But when I wanted to use it, I found that there was something wrong with the quality of the mobile phone. The phone’s ring can’t work and it also can’t send messages. So I went back to the shop and asked the sales assistant to replace it. Unfortunately, he told me that the products were sold out, so I couldn't have it replaced.

       As a result of the mobile phone’s new style, there are no spare parts, so it means that the phone also can’t be repaired. I hope that company will replace my mobile phone in time, and the more quickly, the better.

       Thank you for your consideration.

       Sincerely yours,




       我写信给你是因为一台型号为Dephone- S250的手机,2008年4月20日我在中国武汉省远程商场买的,但是,当我使用它时,我发现手机有一些质量问题。这款手机的铃声不响,也不能发送邮件。于是我又回到了店里,并要求销售助理为我换一台它。不幸的是,他告诉我说,产品被抢购一空,所以我不能换。






       Dear Madam or Sir,

       I’m Wei Fang(姓名的话你看情况,现在很多情况都是直接写拼音,不用颠倒姓跟名), tenant of the Room XX(写你的房间号,一般投诉信都是写给楼管), I'm writing to complain about Mr. Zhao, who lives in Room XX.

       He always plays music to loud and makes a lot of noise.(最好写清楚怎么吵的,什么样的吵闹声)And everytime I asked him to lower the sound, he always ignored my request.

       I finally could not bear it, so I am here to tell you all the awful experience. And I hope you could do something to change the situation now. Thanks a lot.


       Wei Fang




       Dear Mr. Manager,

        I’m writing to complain about the poor quality of shoes in your store. One month ago I bought a pair of shoes from your store. It wears well as I like.However, it was broken in less than a month. It disappointed me much.

        I choose to complain to you because I’m sure you will be able to take back the shoes and pay an indemnity.

        Yours faithfully







        Introduction - Reason for writing the complaint

        开始段: 写投诉信的原因

        Main body - a. The necessary details: where you bought it, when and what the problem is. b. why you are complaining

        主段: a. 一些必要的细节: 你在哪里,什么时候购买了此产品,并且此产品有何种问题。 b. 你为什么要投诉。

        Conclusion - Say what you want the reader to do.

        结束段: 说明你希望读到这封信的人怎么做


        Dear Mr. Astor

        We have used your company as a supplier to our electric goods for ten years and until recently the quality of your products has always been good.

        However, on 4 May 2004, we took delivery of some radios which was of extremely poor quality. Many radios were damaged. We cannot sell them to our customers.

        I do hope that such a delivery will not be repeated and that your suppliers to us in the future will again be of high quality. If, however, we receive any further faulty products from you, we will be obliged to find another supplier to provider us with goods which meet our own high standards. I am sure you will be able to provide us with goods which meet our own high standards .I am sure you will be able to provide us with a satisfactory explanation.

        Your sincerely


        Dear Ms Foster

        I write regarding the recent purchase of shirt from your store on 8 May 2004.(Polite introduction - reason for writing the complaint)

        I recently washed the shirt in cool water. However, when I removed the shirt from the washing machine the shirt was stretched out of shape, and no longer fits.(The facts)

        I called your store yesterday and spoke to department head, Mr. Fox, who was rather rude on the phone and informed me that I am not able to get a replacement shirt as it was purchased at a reduced price. I have been a loyal customer for many years, and until this incident never had complaints. I therefore feel disappointed to be treated in such a manner.(The facts)

        I would, however, be perfectly satisfied if you would kindly replace the shirt or refund my money.(Polite ending - say what you want the reader to do)

        I look forward to your early reply.(Polite ending)

        Your sincerely

        Alan Biltong



        Dear Sir or Madam

        With reference to your invoice No. DH/600622 of 5 June 2004, we must point out that you seem to have made an error. Your invoice states that the consignment contained 300 bowls and your delivery contained only 300 bowls also, but in fact we placed the order for 500 bowls.

        We should be obliged if you could investigate these matters as soon as possible and let us have your comments.

        Your sincerely



        Dear Sir or Madam

        I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the service I received while staying at your hotel during my vacation between the 1st and 5th of May.

        Although your hotel is rated as a five star, I found that the rooms were not cleaned on a daily basis, and that my bed was made up only every five days.The food in the restaurant was similarly disappointing . Not only was it extremely overpriced, but the quality was very poor. I was therefore forced to have to eat out in local restaurants.

        I trust you will take my complaints seriously, and make every effort to improve your service in the future. I would also greatly appreciate a discount on my bill(receipt enclosed).

        I look forward to hearing from you.

        Your faithfully

        (我些此信表达我对5月1日至5日度假期间在您的饭店所得到的服务很不满意。 虽然贵饭店是5星级,但是我发现你们并不是每天清扫客房,而且没个5天才收拾一次床铺。饭店里的餐厅的饭菜也一样糟糕。饭菜不仅价格贵而且质量很差,因此我不得不在饭店外面当地的餐馆用餐。我相信你们会认证考虑我的投诉,并尽最大的努力在将来提高你们的服务。如果您能给我上次的账单打个这我将不胜感激(随信附上收据)。盘我方您的来函。)



        I am writing to complain about...

        I write to express my concern/dissatisfaction about...

        I would like to express my disappointment about...

        We have received your(invoice/consignment)...

        With reference to your invoice of ... I must point out...

        According to... , the correct figure is....

        On checking the goods, we discovered that 200 radios were missing. Your invoice states that the consignment contains radios, but in fact...


        I will appreciate anything you can do to help me.

        I trust you will take my complaints seriously.

        I would, however, be perfectly satisfied if you would kindly replace the item or refund my money, whichever is more convenient.

        We should be obliged if you could investigate these matters.

        We should be thankful if you could give us a refund for the faulty goods.

        We shall appreciate very much if you could replace the damaged goods by Tuesday.


        I look forward to hearing from you soon.

        I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

        I look forward to your early reply.






急求英语作文 投诉信

       Dear Sir:

       My name is LiHua, I am writing to tell you something about our library.

       Last Saturday, I was going to our library with my friends. We are very disapponited with the

       librarian.His attitude is too bad,so my friend was very angry.When my friend ask him why ignore us , he is very aggressive for us and say you don’t see me I am very busy. Besides, the environment is too dirty.So I do hope you can improve it.

       Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

       Sincerely yours




       I write this letter to you to I write this letter to you to make some complaints about the terrible treatment I have experienced. _____There' s something wrong with it. That makes me extremely unhappy.

       I think your store should take full responsibility. As my rights were severely violated, I hereby demand _____to pay for my loss. As the Consumers’ Right Law states, I want an additional compensation. Apart from this, I require serious apologies. And considering the seriousness of the matter, I withhold my right to sue_____if my demands are not properly handled. I insist that you give me a satisfactory reply.

       Look forward to your reply.

       Sincerely yours,


       Directions: You live in a room in college which you share with another student. You find it very difficult to work there because your roommate always has friends visiting. He/She has parties in the room and sometimes borrows your things without asking you.

       Write a letter to the Accommodation Officer at the college and:

       1) ask for a new room next term,

       2) you would prefer a single room,

       3) explain your reasons.

       Dear Sir or Madam:

       I am writing to express/air dissatisfaction/disappointment/concern regarding accommodation. I would prefer to move into a single room next semester, as I find the present sharing arrangement inconvenient.

       I must explain that the reason for my dissatisfaction is my roommate’s inconsiderate behavior. For one thing, his friends are constantly visiting him; for another, he regularly holds noisy parties.

       To solve this difficulty/surmount this difficulty/improve this situation/crack this hard nut, I hope to draw the attention of the authorities concerned. I am sure you will agree that the only solution is for me to move into a room of my own. Therefore, I would be grateful if you could find a single room for me, preferably not in the same building but as near to the college campus as possible.

       Yours sincerely,

       Li Ming(128)

       Dear Sir,

       I am writing to bring to your attention the noise caused by the construction site next to the library.

       The school should be a quiet place allowing students to focus on their studies. However ever since construction began on the site, the noise of heavy machinery and workers have been detrimental to this purpose.

       Full day construction work from 7 am to 6 pm means that teachers have to shout during lessons to be heard above the noise, the library is now empty for most of the day as the noise has made it impossible to concentrate, and even in the student dormitories the noise pollution remains loud enough to be disruptive.

       This issue is affecting not just the quality of teaching in the school, but also the students' health and wellbeing.

       I refer you to the Central Noise Control Guidelines for Schools, and ask that you act to bring the construction site into compliance as soon as possible.

       Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to receiving your reply detailing proposed actions going forward.

       Yours sincerely,