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简介英语作文50字左右       大家好,今天我来为大家详细地介绍一下关于英语作文50字左右的问题。以下是我对这个问题的总结和归纳,希望能对大家有所帮助。1.10篇英语作文 50词带翻译2.介绍中国的英语作文3.英语周记50字带翻译5篇4.我的周



1.10篇英语作文 50词带翻译





6.求篇英语作文.My school uniform.字数大于50字.


10篇英语作文 50词带翻译


       This Summer holiday, I went to Beijing with my parents by plane because it took less time .

       First we visited the Great Wall which is called the "Ten thousand Ii Great Wall" . In fact, it' s more than 6 000 kilometres long. It winds its way from west to east, across deserts, over mountains, through valleys till at last it reaches the sea. It is one of the wonders of the world.

       Then we went to the zoo .The zoo provides the animals the comfortable and safe living conditions that can not be found in other places. It was raining;nevertheless,westill wentthere.There were many people in the zoo.Some were watching the animals,some were playing games and others were resting under the trees.We went to watch the birds first.Then we came to see the monkeys.We also saw the tigers and the lions.

       We felt very happy in this vacation.



       首先我们去长城玩,长城又名作“万里长城”。实际长 6000多公里。长城从西到东,穿过沙漠,越过高山,跨过深谷,蜿蜒而行,最后直到海边。它是世界上的奇观之一。













       Last weekend, I went to my uncle's farm. I saw a lot of hens and horses on the farm. In the morning, I had a walk along the river. The scenery was really beautiful. In the afternoon, I helped my uncle milk cows. Then he gave me a glass of milk as a reward. I had a wonderful time.




       I had a happy weekend last week.

       On Saturday morning, I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes. In the afternoon, I cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine, my parents', and my brother's.

       On Sunday, I played football in the park. Then I went to my grandparents'house. Grandpa played the piano! The whole family was so happy. Later, we wanted to swim. But it was too cold.

       This was last weekend.







       I have a busy last weekend. Saturday morning. I did my homework and read books. After lunch. I helped my mom clean the room. In the afternoon. I went shopping with my parents. Sunday morning.After breakfast. I visited my grandparents with my dad. We watched TV together. In the afternoon. I played the piano and played computer games. This is my last weekend. They are bust. But I liked it last weekend. Because I am happy.





《介绍中国》英语作文 篇一:

       China, officially known as the People's Republic of China, a vast country located in Eastern Asia. It is the world's most populous nation, with over 1.4 billion people. China has a rich history that spans over 5,000 years, making it one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations. The Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and the Terracotta Warriors are just a few examples of the country's many remarkable historical sites. China is also known for its diverse cuisine, traditional arts, and martial arts practices.


《介绍中国》英语作文 篇二:

       The economy of China is the second-largest in the world, and it is well known for its rapid industrialization and significant contributions to global trade. Major industries include manufacturing, agriculture, and technology. The country is the world's largest exporter and has been the world's largest trading nation since 2013. China is home to some of the most famous and innovative companies, including Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei.


《介绍中国》英语作文 篇三:

       China has a diverse landscape that ranges from the highest peak, Mount Everest, along the border with Nepal, to the vast deserts of the Gobi and Taklamakan. It also includes large plains, impressive rivers such as the Yangtze River, and beautiful lakes like West Lake. This extensive variety of landscapes makes China a popular travel destination for tourists, offering countless opportunities to explore natural wonders, historical relics, and cultural experiences.


《介绍中国》英语作文 篇四:

       One of the most distinctive aspects of Chinese culture is its rich tradition of performing arts. These include traditional Chinese opera, acrobatics, and dance. Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, and Yue Opera are popular forms of Chinese opera that incorporate singing, dancing, martial arts, and elaborate costumes and makeup. The Chinese New Year celebrations and Dragon Boat Festival are some of the most significant events in China, showcasing the country's vibrant culture and customs.


《介绍中国》英语作文 篇五:

       The Chinese language, also known as Mandarin, is the most widely spoken language in the world. It is a tonal language with a unique writing system consisting of thousands of characters. Chinese calligraphy, the art of writing Chinese characters, is highly regarded and considered an essential skill in traditional Chinese culture. Alongside the language, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism have all significantly influenced Chinese philosophy, art, and culture throughout its history.






        My father likes reading in his spare time. He told me reading was very interesting. I become interested in reading. I like books, because they help me in many ways. This is my father. I am proud of having such a good father.



        My father is a tall man with a pair of glasses. Everyone says he is a kind-hearted man. He often helps his neighbours and some strangers whom he doesnt know at all. He has really done a lot for others. I dont like him to do so because I think it has taken him too much time.



        If I have one thousand dollars, I will buy some flowers for my teachers and my parents, because they teach me a lot. If I have one thousand dollars, I will give some to the poor people and the poor children, let the children go to school and have a richer life. If I have one thousand dollars, I will buy a lot of books for myself. Then I will call my good friends come to my house to enjoy my books together. If I have one thousand dollars, I will save the money in the bank for the future in need.



        This is my bedroom. It's clean and nice to live in. My favourite bed is on the right with a bluepillow and a quilt on it. There is a big rectangular table near the bed. The closet is next to the table. There are many clothes in the closet which are bought by my mother. The blue trash bin is behind the door while the big mirror is under the air-conditioner.


        我推荐: 高中英语作文100词左右范文


        I have a dream, is to be a teacher, I hold the view that a teacher is a very glorious thing, I like to teach people to learn to write, I can educate my students to do a useful, and I was their good friend, I can feel so accomplished, I shall also very happy. So I want to be a teacher



       时间真快,又到周末,你的周末是否快乐呢?大家不妨写一篇50词的 英语 作文 描述一下吧。以下是我为大家整理的,有关我的周末英语作文50词,希望大家喜欢。


        On weekends,i don't need to go to school. So i always get up late.

        After breakfast, i will help my mum do some housework and watch TV.

        In the afternoon, i will do my homework with my friends. i don't go to play untill i finish my homework. In the evening, about 9 o'clock, i will go to bed.


        I was very busy last weekend .On Satunday morning.I did my homework ,it was a little difficult.

        In the afternoon ,I cleaned my room.Saturday,I watched TV.

        On Sunday morning.I visited my grandqarents.Then in the afternoon ,I went to the library,on Sunday nigth ,I stayed at home studied.


        I have a busy weekend,On Satursday,I cleaned my room.

        In the afteroon,I did my homework,It was a little diffcult,In the night,I visit my aunt,my aunt cooked dinner for me.

        On Sunday ,I went to the library I read a book about geography,Then in the afternoon,I played soccer with my friend,in the night,I wathed TV.


        Today is sunday . I am in hainan with my friends now.it is a sunny day,I got up early at Seven thirty,I watched a movie with my brother in the morning,it was a interesting film.

        And in the afternoon,I went swimming with my best friends .

        I was tired.But I was happy ,too.Uh...What a wonderful day it is!


        Yesterday was Sunday,and it was my 12years birthday. My parents had a birthday party at home.

        I invited my friends to come to the party. At the party. They gave me many small presents. They sang Happy Birthday to me.

        My mother made a big cake for me.We really had a good time at the weekend.


        Today is Friday.I'm planning a weekend.

        I will have a picnic. I invite my friend and my parents.

        My friend will bring some bread and a bottle of jam because it's taste delicious.

        My parents and I will bring some soft drinks.We will meet at the park at 9o'clock.

        I hope we will have a great time!


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        5. 假期英语作文50词

求篇英语作文.My school uniform.字数大于50字.


《生日聚会》英语作文 篇一:

       Last weekend, we threw a surprise birthday party for my best friend, Lily. We spent the whole secretly decorating her house with balloons and streamers while she was out shopping with her family. When she arrived home, we all jumped out and shouted "Surprise!" The look of pure joy on her face was priceless. We spent the whole evening laughing, eating, and sharing stories about our favorite memories with Lily. It was a fantastic way to celebrate her special day and create everlasting bonds among friends.


《生日聚会》英语作文 篇二:

       Last month, I attended a birthday party for my cousin Sam, who just turned 18. His family prepared a barbecue in their backyard, with various delicious grilled dishes and cold drinks. We played fun party games, like musical chairs and limbo, and even had an intense water balloon fight. By the time the sun set, we gathered around bonfire,mallows and singing songs. As the evening came to an end, we presented Sam with heartfelt gifts and wished him a fantastic year ahead. It was a truly memorable celebration.


《生日聚会》英语作文 篇三:

       A few weeks ago, I decided to organize a surprise birthday party for our dear friend, Anna. We rented a small private room restaurant and invited all her close friends. Upon her arrival, she was shocked and touched by our surprise. We treated her to a scrumptious dinner, and as the night progressed, we brought out a beautifully decorated cake. As Anna blew out her birthday candles, we all clapped and cheered, witnessing the joy on her face. It was a heartwarming and memorable evening.


《生日聚会》英语作文 篇四:

       Last year, for my best friend Amy's birthday, we decided to host a themed party at our local community center. We chose an 80's theme, and everyone came dressed in neon colors, leg warmers, and big hair. The decorations and music perfectly captured the essence of the era, and we had a blast dancing and singing along to classic songs. The highlight of the party was when Amy's parents arrived in their old prom attire, bringing laughter and applause from everyone. The party was a huge success, and we couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate Amy's day.


《生日聚会》英语作文 篇五:

       On my little sister's birthday last year, we organized a fun-filled day at a local amusement park. We began the day with an exciting roller coaster ride, followed by other thrilling attractions. The laughter and squeals of excitement filled the air. As the day transitioned to evening, we gathered at a designated picnic area for a small, intimate birthday celebration. Surrounded by her friends and family, my sister was overwhelmed with happiness as she cut into her unicorn-themed cake. The day was a perfect balance of adventure and love, and we all cherished the magical moments spent together.


       以《My school uniform》为题的英语作文可以从以下方面进行写作:






       以下是三篇以《My school uniform》为题的英语作文,供大家参考。




       My school uniform

       My school uniform is a navy blue blazer with the school emblem on the pocket, paired with a white shirt and a striped tie. The skirt for girls is also navy blue, while boys wear grey trousers. The material of the uniform is comfortable and durable, which makes it suitable for daily wear.

       In my opinion, wearing a school uniform not only creates a sense of belonging to the school, but also instills a sense of discipline and unity among students. It eliminates the pressure of having to choose what to wear every day, and helps us focus on our studies.


       1. emblem n. 标志,象征物

       2. striped adj. 有条纹的

       3. durable adj. 耐用的,持久的

       4. instill v. 灌输,逐渐教育







       My school uniform

       I love my school uniform. It is navy blue and white, with a stylish design. The material is comfortable to wear, and it fits me perfectly.

       The shirt has a white collar and cuffs, and the sleeves are navy blue. The skirt is also navy blue, and it reaches just above my knees. I think the combination of navy blue and white looks very smart and elegant.

       I wear black shoes and white socks with my uniform. I always feel proud when I wear my school uniform, because it represents my school and shows that I am part of a community.


       1. stylish (adj.) 时尚的,流行的

       2. cuffs (n.) 袖口

       3. combination (n.) 组合,结合






       My school uniform

       I wear a blue and white school uniform every day. The blue shirt has a collar and short sleeves, and the white skirt reaches just above my knees. I also wear white socks and black shoes.

       I think my school uniform looks nice and neat. The color blue is calming and represents trustworthiness. The design of the uniform is simple but classic. However, the material of the uniform is not very comfortable, especially in hot weather.

       Overall, I am proud to wear my school uniform and represent my school. It gives me a sense of belonging and unity with my classmates.


       Collar (名词):衬衫或夹克上围绕着脖子的部分。中文翻译:衣领。

       Trustworthiness (名词):诚实可靠的品质。中文翻译:可信赖性。

       Classic (形容词):具有传统风格,始终时尚的。中文翻译:经典的。